All Physical Therapists at Professional PT/OT Services are qualified to treat a wide range of conditions, with a focus on both surgical and non-surgical sports and orthopedic cases. All of our Physical Therapists are CAPTE-certified and state licensed.


An occupational therapist (OT) can evaluate and treat conditions or pain relative to the upper extremities, including hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder girdle and cervical spine. From simple fingertip injuries to the most complex conditions, occupational therapists work with patients via preventative care, postoperative rehabilitation, non-operative rehabilitation and more.


Relieving pain is as easy as putting on your shoes. AposHealth® is an innovative, personalized, drug-free and non-invasive biomechanical treatment for knee and lower back pain. With just one hour a day, AposHealth® shoes are clinically proven to ease joint pain and correct walking patterns in patients suffering from knee and low back pain.

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Our staff is comprised of compassionate, attentive healthcare professionals, living our philosophy of treating the patient, not just the injury.